Electrical Engineering

Engineering, Supercharged

Veteran Electrical Power Systems offers a wide range of electrical engineering product design and development capabilities.  Our team of highly skilled electrical engineers and technicians can satisfy your design needs with decades of experience in analog and digital circuit design. We combine our extensive electrical engineering experience and the latest technologies to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness in the development of critical electronic systems.

VEPS provides a wide range of integrated electrical engineering services across multiple industries such as government, transportation, aerospace, high-tech, energy and natural resources, consumer and medical, utilities etc.

Single Line Diagram Development

A one-line diagram serves as the blueprint for an electrical system. They are the key go-to source for any construction, upgrades, maintenance, or analysis. Not only that, but an up-to-date diagram is required by law (see NFPA-70E).

Our technicians can evaluate your design and create or update your single-line diagram. The blueprint shows all connections, components, and redundancies in order to generate a comprehensive overview of your system.

Arc Flash Solutions

Arc flash studies are performed to assess an electrical system for arc flash hazards. It is conducted for the purpose of injury prevention and to determine safe work practices, arc flash protection boundaries and appropriate levels of PPE. Our engineers follow NFPA-70E and IEEE guidelines to ensure that the highest industry standards are met.

An arc flash occurs as the result of a three-phase fault which produces a blinding electrical arc and temperatures exceeding 35,000 0F. The extreme heat of an arc flash can vaporize metals and seriously harm nearby personnel and equipment. Analysis of arc flash hazards can drastically reduce risks of an incident and prevent unnecessary harm and/or downtime.


Power Quality Studies

With the rise in demand for stable power and the ever increasing sensitivity of electronic devices, power quality has become a critical issue for many consumers. A power quality analysis allows our engineers to prevent or determine the cause of outages, spikes, or surges in power. With this study we can increase available power to the system, improve efficiency, reduce losses, and prevent disruptions to power flow.

Relay Design & Integration

Digital relays are fast becoming an industry standard due to the many benefits they provide over their electromechanical counterparts. Our engineers can help you design your system around digital relays or easily replace them into an existing system.

Compared to electromechanical relays, digitals save a considerable amount of space. They are quite, easily maintained, and offer numerous conveniences such as remote status checks, error reporting, and diagnostics. The costs of digital relays are comparable to electromechanical counterparts, and are often cheaper. They will also reduce costs in other ways, such as saving you the hassle of equipping protection to check their status due to the remote controls they offer. Digital relays should be considered in any electrical system.



Short Circuit Analysis & Coordination Studies

Short Circuit Analysis and Coordination Studies will test the configuration of your protective devices, including relays, switches, and circuit breakers. Proper function and coordination is necessary to prevent damage to equipment in the event of a fault.

The Short-Circuit Analysis & Coordination Study looks at loads at various points in the system and how they change after a simulated fault. Ideally, only the protective device closest to the fault will catch and clear it, minimizing the areas affected. This requires calibration of each device as well as proper coordination between them.