Preventive Maintenance & Repair Services

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Services from VEPS will evaluate the condition of your equipment and determine the most cost-effective and manageable solution to guarantee its overall performance, safety and reliability. Implementing a maintenance preventative program just makes sense.

Electrical preventive maintenance is cost-effective because of the benefits it provides.

  • Allows you to maximize the life of your equipment
  • Improves the reliability of your system
  • Decreases the frequency of replacing equipment
  • Decreases system downtime

Predictive Diagnostics

VEPS Predictive Diagnostic solutions include non-destructive testing technologies and sensors that assess the condition of medium- and high-voltage electrical equipment. Types of equipment include motors and generators, switchgear systems, dry type transformers, and bus ducts.

Breaker Service

Preventative Maintenance and a proactive program for your low and medium voltage breakers are crucial to longevity in power distribution equipment. Without proper maintenance, companies run the risk of unscheduled outages, costing critical downtime, monetary loss and personnel injury. Our breaker service specialists offer years of valuable experience with power distribution breakers. Veteran Electrical Power Systems’ team is proficient in maintenance, testing, repair and troubleshooting, and provides excellent customer service.